Backbone Security Delivers Steg Course in Turkey
Fairmont, WV November 25, 2008—Backbone Security technical staff members have just returned from their first international training trip to Ankara...

Backbone Security technical staff members have just returned from their first international training trip to Ankara where they taught an advanced computer forensic course to students from the Turkish National Police.

Chad Davis and Rob Lipscomb taught the Certified Steganography Examiner™ training course that was developed in Backbone’s Steganography Analysis and Research Center (SARC).

Steganography is the art and science of writing hidden messages in such a way that no one apart from the sender and intended recipient even realizes there is a hidden message. Finding and extracting the hidden information is called steganalysis.

Backbone developed the course to raise awareness of the threat from use of digital steganography to conceal evidence of criminal activity.  The course features an introduction to the history of steganography since the days of the Ancient Greeks along with in-depth technical information on the various methods for hiding information.

During the second day of the two-day course, students use the advanced steganalysis tools developed in the SARC in laboratory exercises designed to simulate a realistic computer forensic examination. The students learn how easy it is for criminals to use anti-forensic tools such as digital steganography applications and how it’s impossible to find and extract hidden evidence without highly advanced special purpose computer forensic tools such as those developed in the SARC.

“Our course demonstrates the ease with which insiders can steal sensitive information and bad guys can conceal evidence of criminal activity. We also show the students how our tools can help them find and extract information of possible evidentiary value that may have otherwise been overlooked.” said Bill Krebs, President and Chief Operating Officer of Backbone.

According to Bart Guerreri, Chairman and CEO of Backbone, “This course was an overwhelming success and is the first of many we anticipate teaching in Turkey next year and possibly other countries in the region.”