Social Engineering

Human weakness is the greatest threat to IT security. Unfortunately, the human element cannot be tested with automated vulnerability scans. Attackers have success everyday manipulating and exploiting humans. Many serious IT breaches begin with human failures.

To expose the threat posed by your users and employees, Backbone Security utilizes a mix of proprietary tools and methods combined with partnerships with leading social engineering solution providers. Backbone features the world’s most popular integrated platform for security awareness training combined with simulated phishing attacks. Create a human firewall with Backbone Security.

We don’t just show you what’s wrong. We can provide insight into the risks you are facing along with methods to reduce the risk posed by your users and employees.

Some of the services we offer include email phishing simulations, vishing (phone-based phishing), physical security testing and USB drops.

Phish Your Users

Automated phishing attack simulations, including thousands of email templates. Contact us to try this service for free.