How Much Does Penetration Testing Cost?

Unfortunately, the answer is:  it depends. While we know that answer can be frustrating, especially if you are looking for a ballpark cost for budgeting, there are things that you have to take into consideration.

  • What type of penetration testing do you want? Black box penetration testing, grey box penetration testing or white box penetration testing?
  • Do you need internal penetration testing or just external penetration testing?
  • How large is the environment?
  • How many applications are in scope? Large custom web applications often significantly increase the work requirement for a thorough penetration test.
  • How many employees does your organization have in place?

All of those factors and more are taken into consideration. While there are a lot of things involved in providing a quote for penetration testing, it shouldn’t be overwhelming. For most customers, price quote discussions can be handled in just a few minutes. Other customers may require an ongoing discussion to pin down penetration testing details, but rest assured that our team is responsive and efficient.

If you would like to get a conversation going, please reach out. If you prefer to discuss penetration testing scoping over email, try to include the answers to the above questions so we can quickly get you the information needed.