Managed Services

Tired of spending too much time and energy on keeping your IT working and worrying about security? Do you feel like your IT problems are never solved? Backbone Security, an affiliate of DSD Laboratories, along with DSD’s Managed IT Services are designed with your company in mind. Our goal is to provide a ‘Best Value’ solution for managing your IT so you can focus your time and energy on taking care of your customers. “Your IT should be a business enabler not a management distraction.” Your employees should spend more time improving your bottom line and less time struggling to fix poorly performing IT. DSD’s proactive services will help you reduce your hidden productivity losses and at the same time improve the performance of your IT.

One security incident can ruin your reputation and your business. DSD provides a robust solution for managing your IT Security and frees you of nagging worries and concerns about the present state of your security so you can focus your time and energy on your customers. DSD services are designed to deliver military-grade security robustness to your organization.  To ensure your security management solution is of the highest quality, DSD utilizes a staff of security analysts and engineers who are familiar with the regulatory requirements you face (PCI, HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, FFEIC, etc).